#@%@ Those Shitty eBooks!

Join me in my business for 3 months and you'll know why you and all the other Internet marketing bozos got it all wrong...



"SCREW eBooks!"

He didn't mince his words...

The smoke coming out of his nostrils made him look like a pissed off dragon having a bad day.

As he continued to puff on his cigar, he said in a gruff voice…

#@%@ selling those shitty ebooks! Join me in my business for 3 months and you'll know why you and all the other Internet marketing bozos got it all wrong...

"I guarantee you, you will make at least 10 times more than what you are making now!"

Hi! I’m Jane.

And over the years of being his assistant, I’ve really gotten used to this kind of monologue.

Needless to say, being PC (or Politically Correct) certainly wasn't one of his virtues.

But that doesn’t matter, really.

I mean, all his existing stuff was already selling on autopilot and based on his credentials, he was probably right...

They Call Him 'Pill Gates'...

And he didn't sell 'digital' or 'Internet Marketing stuff'.

He sold REAL physical products… he sold health supplements.

I don’t know if he’s charming or genius but he’s got entrepreneurs travel from all over the world just to catch tiny crumbs from his brilliant mind.

Once, I overheard his telephone conversation with a bloke...

He said, "So tell you what, I'll write you a check for $120K now as a consulting fee. Plus I'll give you 50% equity in a new company I'm starting, and all I want you to do is the marketing, ok?"

If only I were an entrepreneur myself, I could never refuse that offer. And neither could that bloke because he immediately flew to where Mr. Gates was and stayed 'captive' there for 3 months in the 'Pill Gates Palace' and worked alongside this Renegade Internet Health Tycoon.

I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s a ‘Palace.’ The first day I worked here, I felt like I was in Candy Land.

Just check out his holiday resort-looking house…

I love working in this place for sure.


This is where Mr. Gates works and is what he calls his WAR Room.

It's not visible from the outside, but Mr. Gates actually has a private elevator that goes up to this special room.

I know this sounds like a scene from some James Bond movie, but it’s the honest truth!

In fact, the elevator is so private that it will not work for anyone who pushes the elevator button. You can only take the elevator after biometric identification, then the special button lights up and takes you up there.

But despite the beauty and extravagance of his Palace, I’ve seen the labor Mr. Gates and the entrepreneurs who wanted to partner with him had to put in every single day.

Everyday, one of Mr. Gates’ bodyguards would guard the War Room because the boss doesn’t want to be interrupted while he’s in there, brainstorming and draining every ounce of 'moneymaking juice' until he nearly passed out.

He and his partners would literally crawl back to their rooms.

I sometimes worry about him.

But the result of their crossfire sessions were...


Obviously, I got access to these but no matter how many times I see numbers like these, I still can’t help but be astonished!

Mr. Gates even got a Swiss bank account to store ALL that wealth!

Here's What His Current Account Looks Like:

Here's A Screenshot Of His Safekeeping Account:

If you're looking at the figures and wondering...

Who The Hell IS Pill Gates?

You can pretty much rest assured you probably will never know who this guy is.

This guy is VERY protective of his privacy, and for good reason. His 'palace' has been robbed 21 times in the past 2 years alone, so you can imagine.

But if you need a clue, all I can tell you is that he has worked with the Copywriting Prince, the late Gary Halbert, in the past.

In fact, he was mentioned in one of the Gary Halbert Letters!

"Oh I love Gary Halbert! He is The Prince of Print! He wrote a reaaaally good sales letter for me for $50,000 and it brought in millions upon millions worth of sales! He really is the Best Copywriter in the World!” - P. Gates

His identity is not important though.

What's important is that through him, I can help you tap into a...

23 Billion Dollar Goldmine!

You see, he has discovered a drop dead simple strategy of 'mining gold' from a proven and growing 23 billion dollar market!

You'll make money helping over 75 million people solve some major health problems.

Other people are jumping in on this ground floor opportunity and bringing in over $23 billion dollars collectively.

As Pill Gates has taught me vicariously… getting rich is a matter of simple economic principles.

First, you find a market with a HUGE demand, and then you supply the demand in a unique fashion.

Done right, the potential to bring in millions is TREMENDOUS!

"I'm Now Revamping My Entire Online Marketing Strategy!"

"After reading the Pill Gates manuals, I'm now revamping my entire online marketing strategy. While ebooks have been a successful money maker for me - I now see how I can use my current skills to multiply my profits many times over just by "expanding my horizons" with the principles revealed here. There's a lot of money to be made from thinking outside the box. That's very hard for most of us to do though. Luckily, Pill Gates opened up the box for me. I highly recommend this manual to anyone who wants to massively increase their online income with very little effort."

- James B. Allen


Secrets To A Multi-Billion Dollar Health Supplement Business Empire!

With your permission… I'm gonna hand you the very secrets my filthy-rich boss used to generate millions of dollars in the health supplement industry.

PLUS: You’ll also get an updated copy of the 2007 best-selling book...

Meet Pill Gates!

Revealed: A Life Of A Multimillion-Dollar Health Supplement Tycoon

In these incredible manuals, you'll discover:

✔️ How Pill Gates got started in the Health supplement industry

✔️ Why his 'black hole theory' proves that the reason you're not making online is because you're literally robbing yourself!

✔️ What the weather man at your TV station can teach you about making money

✔️ How a casual 'meeting' with the South African doctor resulted in millions!

✔️ The 'supply control' strategy that allows you to dominate ANY market you choose!

✔️ The 2 emotions you absolutely must master if you want to get rich!

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✔️ And WAY Too Much To List Over Here!

These manuals are readable on Apple iBook, Google Book, Amazon Kindle, and ePub for any mobile device...

It defies belief but your investment for these manuals is only $97 Ξ0.005 ETH

But WHY Is A Billionaire’s Assistant ‘Giving' Away Her Boss’s Secrets for Under 10 Bucks?

The reason is two-fold.

1. The health supplement industry is ENORMOUS. Pill Gates has already made his fortune from it using cutting-edge Internet Marketing strategies. So I insisted for him to share to others what has gotten him here. So now it's your turn. Plenty of room here.

2. I've made a side bet with Mr. Gates that despite his biased opinion, infoproducts are STILL profitable. So I told him that if he allowed me to publish his insider secrets, I'd sell at least 5,000 copies of these manuals in a month.

And he said: “OK Jane, if you sell 5,000 copies of these manuals, I’ll be sending $10,000 to your family in the Philippines to help them in their needs…”

And so I swiped a strategy from another IM guru I know to attain that. In order to hit 5,000 copies...

I’m Letting You Keep 100% Of The Profits!

Raise your eyebrows all you want but no -- I’m not kidding.

You and I got that straight.

I will let you keep 100% of the profits for every "Project: Pill Gates" that you sell.

I reckon this will be a great incentive for you to help us sell more copies of these manuals.


Mr. Gates doesn’t need nor want your $10… he’s making more money than he needs from his health supplement business...

I also don’t need to collect a lot of 10 bucks at this time since my Boss will give me $10,000 anyway just by selling 5,000 copies worldwide…

So I’ll let you keep the money on every sale you make! Win-Win-Win Deal!

Once you've purchased the manuals, you’ll get to pick Mr. Pill Gates’ brain with every nugget of learning you’ll discover from the pages of these manuals…

PLUS you'll be able to turn on the switch for a special 'link' coded with your payment info in the order link so that the money goes directly to your account.

It's literally like an Instant Daily Cash System.

Absolutely no waiting for commissions.

All payments go direct to you.

"This Manual Was An Eye-Opener..."

"This manual was an eye-opener... I've enjoyed reading it word for word! I have not taken the steps to be the next Pill Gates but I am sure the info in this manual will come in handy! I can't wait and I am ecstatic coz the instructions to resell this manual is so easy to understand and follow! Thank you for making this manual available and for such an affordable price! I truly believe anyone with the right attitude, persistence armed with accurate info will benefit from these Pill Gates manual. All the best!"

- Kelly Goh

"You Don't Have To Kill Yourself Always Thinking Up More Backend Products!"

"The Pill Gates manual is a great read and full of advice that goes against the grain of what 99% of the Internet marketing gurus tell you. Would you believe info products are NOT necessarily the holy grail of eCommerce? You want something that is consumed so customers will reorder and you don't have to kill yourself always thinking up more backend products. The book tantalizes you with the idea of setting up sales sites for the products Pill Gates comes up with... Strong "read this" recommendation from me. Sure made me think about how I've been going about my business plans."

- Di Roberts

You'll be able to generate your special 100% profits dealership link within minutes and recoup your investment ten, a hundred, or even a 1000 times easily!

You’ll get…

Project: Pill Gates -- Secrets To A Multi-Billion Dollar Health Supplement Business Empire!

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Each title includes the info-packed PDF manuals with versions for Apple iBook, Google Book, Amazon Kindle, and ePub for any mobile device…

MODULE 2: Beautifully-Designed eCovers…

We hired an award-winning graphic artist to create these eCovers! We’ll also throw in some additional creatives that I’m sure you’ll love...

MODULE 3: Done-for-You and Fully-Hosted Professionally-Designed Website…

You’ll get your own Reseller Link and just turn around and make money off this product! The best part? You can start today!

MODULE 4: Direct Response Video Sales Letter

The VSL script is professionally written by a million-dollar copywriter who’s been in the industry for more than 2 decades!

MODULE 5: PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS including Banner ads, Promotional articles, and eMail Swipes!

All the promo materials to help you sell as many copies as humanly possible will be provided.

And more!

"The Best Guide I've Ever Purchased!"

"Pill Gates is brilliant! I can't believe how easy it is once you know the insider secrets of health supplement business. I would have never discovered any of this on my own. I always thought it was difficult to start a health supplement business. Boy I was wrong! This is by far the best guide I've ever purchased!"

- Kenneth

"Enhances The Principle Of Getting Into A Trend Before It Happens..."

"Very interesting manuals and Pill Gates enhances the principle of getting into a trend before it happens. I'd highly recommend it to other people."

- Gary J. Kidd

Now you may be asking…

All This For Just Ξ0.005 ETH?


I know it defies belief. I bet your mind is asking whether I’m bluffing or being serious.

But it’s true. We have decided to price it such that the manuals are within reach of the vast majority of people.

The thing is, it shouldn’t be too expensive for even the humblest beginning online business person but it sure enough to detract the freebie seekers.

Anyone who's not serious enough about their marketing efforts in 2022 to invest this pittance into these manuals isn't going to take the time to apply the principles laid out in the manuals anyway.

Obviously, you aren't one of them, otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far.

This decision is a non-decision really...

  • You'll profit from the proven multi-million dollar business strategies of Pill Gates.
  • Hardcore stuff from the trenches, perfected in blood.

You ALSO get to make and keep 100% of the profits when you sell these manuals.

This not only allows you to recover your investment many times over and puts a nice thick wad of cash in your pocket.

"If I Was Going To Buy Just One Digital Product, This Would Be The One!"

"I never thought a $10 report would be so jam packed with information, insights and strategies. Over-delivering is something that I just come to expect from you. If I was going to buy just one $10.00 digital product all year it would be the one you and Pill Gates have put together."

- Don Perreira

"The Ultimate Income Generator..."

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So what are you still waiting for?

It's NOW or never…


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